This is a highly effective, detailed 12-week program for the lifter looking to advance in their training and really see the results they want with their physique.


This is a great program for HYPERTROPHY but could also be utilized during a cutting phase for muscle retention.


It features a 6-day split with one full rest day each week.


This is a total of 72 workouts written by a Kinesiologist with 2 degrees and two decades of experience with the gym and the human body for only $39!



12 weeks

6 workouts per week

72 total workouts (including sets/reps and details).

Also includes tips on nutrition, supplementation and what to expect.

59 pages total (10 pt font).


Written by someone with proven education, experience and results (ME)!


If you want to get to the next level, JUMP ON THIS!!

  • Instant Download

    You will be emailed a link to download the file that is good for 30 days, but once you've downloaded it, it's yours to keep forever!

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