Search it over yet?

Wow. What a year. A year that has shown me some of the highest highs and lowest lows.

An emotional roller coaster...but the ride is also on fire and the operator is drunk. Ha.

The beginning of the year, for me, was filled with celebration, love and magic. We had a beautiful wedding and life-changing honeymoon. We made deep connections and had deep conversations.

I was on Cloud 9 for those first few months of 2020. Life was going so well.

But since the initial lockdowns shut down schools abruptly in March, I've continued to watch my kids suffer from lack of social life and struggling to learn through virtual school. It's frustrating to not have any answers as to when things will go "back to normal", or if they will at all. It's sad that as a mother, I can't control the situation. All I can do is love them and encourage a positive approach, one day at a time.

It's not just the kids who have been affected this year. I've found myself concerned about the mental and physical health of friends, clients and family members as well.

Too many people are struggling emotionally and financially. Too many people have been coping with the stress of this year by eating and drinking their feelings. A lot of people have lost sight of their nutrition and fitness goals.

I've been on a lot of calls recently with people desperate to pull themselves out of the unhealthy hole they've gotten themselves into.

I have to remind them that the best defense we can have in this year of uncertainty and stress is to focus on what we can control, and letting go of the things we can't. The best defense we can have against the virus is a healthy immune system and strong body!

We CAN control what we consume and how we move our bodies.

We CAN learn how to cope with stress without food, drugs or alcohol.

We CAN learn to treat ourselves better.

We CAN pull ourselves out of this 2020 hole and put our health and wellness at the top. It is the best defense against illness, after all.

At the end of the day, all we have is this one body, this one vessel to go through life. Time to take care of it. :)

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