Kick-Start Nutrition Program (one custom plan plus all ebooks)


This is the best deal EVER.


I use my college education, 2 decades of experience (and some intuition) to create a program just for you.


Not only will you receive a 100% customized, highly detailed nutrition program written by me, you will also receive several informational guides and ebooks I've created to really help you get going on your way to your health and fitness goals.


These materials include:


  • Supplement Guide-- detailing what you should take and what's a waste of money--no bs sales pushing!
  • Meal Prep and Cooking Guide-- full of shopping, cooking and meal prep hacks and tips to set you up for success.
  • Macro-sorted Food List-- to help you with those weekly shopping trips.
  • Frequently Asked Questions-- going in deep on some of the most common questions I get from new clients.
  • Dining Out and Travel Guide-- how to continue to lose body fat and work on fitness goals even while traveling for business or pleasure. Includes some great meal options at your favorite restaurants.


All of this for less than $100??


Am I crazy??




But I really just want to save as many people as I can and save them from the fitness bs.


No more fad diets that you can't adhere to.


No more super restrictive plans that omit your favorite foods and lead you to binge eat.


No more yo-yo dieting and weight cycyling.


Finally you'll get what you need---an educated nutritionist to create a flexible, science-based meal plan with plenty of options and delicious food so that you can get fit and stay there.




Please note: You will need to fill out my intake form and tell me all about your food preferences, goals, lifestyle and health history. The more you tell me, the better! Go ahead and check out here and then hit "BECOME A CLIENT" in the menu to get to the form. Once you submit that form, I will get working on your plan and get all materials out to you within 72 hours!


Thank you for choosing me.


You won't regret it.


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