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Don't get the quarantine blues. :) You'll come out better at the end of this pandemic if you keep to a daily schedule that includes time for exercise. You can maintain your muscle fairly easily if you keep moving.


This is 4 weeks of total body workouts, including effective HIIT programs and all requiring minimal equpment. All you need are dumbells, resistance bands and a chair or bench. The weekly routines increase in intensity and change up just enough to keep it interesting and fun. 


When the gyms open back up (and they will; don't stress) you'll bounce right back. :)

  • 4 weeks of workouts you can do at home

    I know we're living in crazy times and gyms are closed until further notice. This is 4 weeks of workouts out can do to keep working towards your fitness goals.


    Many of the exercises can be scaled to just use body weight if you don't have any equipment. If you have bands and dumbbells, it's a bonus. 


    My workouts are detailed and organized in tables. You'll see exercise, sets, reps, description and rest period. 


    This instant download is a 26-page PDF, written in size 10 font. As soon as you purchase, you'll recieve an email link for instant download.

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